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Who needs a freelance graphic designer, right?

Let’s face it. All of the sudden since the popularity of computers and smart phones, everyone has become a designer, photographer and writer. Easy online programs and social media have trained us all to be self taught designers in one way or another. If you need a brochure or a sign, there are instant web print website for that. Need a website, let’s use a pre-made template and not think about navigation, design or structure. Need a photographer, let’s grab an iPhone or better yet, let’s just steal something from Google images and use that. Rarely is a professional graphic designer valued for their creativity, experience, or knowledge of composition and balance, typography, color, and tone.

But yet we can’t get away from graphic design. It is everywhere, every advertisement, every logo and every call to action. Small businesses suffer with their do-it-yourself attitude or the lack of funding for larger design agencies. Hiring a freelance graphic designer can be just as overwhelming.

You need someone who has the training, the creative talent and “industry knowledge” to get the type of graphic design results you deserve. Someone who is obsessed with fonts, colors, visual balance and other “artsy-fartsy” lingo. And that’s where I come in. Let me use my arsenal of tools and experience to design your logo, create your brochure make a website that is ready for all devices. Allowing you to do what you do best – focusing on your business, customers, product or event.

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I know who keeps track of how many donuts. It’s a rough estimate over the 21 years of experience no one knows for sure.
*based on at least one donut a month and 40 hours per week of creativity.

Robert Miller

Robert Miller

Freelance Graphic Designer

RMDezigns serves as the freelance identity and portfolio website for Art Director / Graphic Designer Robert Miller.

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